Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Restaurant Week Dinner at Westend Bistro

Eric Ripert - amazing chef, adorable French dude, BFFs with Anthony Bourdain. What else needs to be said? Oh, right, you probably want to know how good his food is. Thanks to good ol' Restaurant Week, I can now tell you.

Westend Bistro, tucked inside the fancy schmancy Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown, has been on my target list for a while now. It's a lot smaller inside than I thought it would be, and had nice, big windows ideal for people watching. Happy hour? Yes, please. I love a discount beverage while waiting for my table. **Make sure you know if that delicious wine you're sipping on is on the HH menu. There's a big difference between a $6 glass and a $15, ya dig?

Otherwise, the service was fantastic. We felt taken care of, yet not rushed, each course came out in perfect time and we probably forgot we were in a restaurant at many points because we were allowed to be our ridiculous selves here. (Not common at a place at this price point. Seriously, you haven't met my friends.)

And, duh. The food was totes the bomb. Notes:

  • The mac and cheese ($3 at the bar during HH) was retarded good and is a MUST-have
  • I don't think I've ever had a piece of fish cooked as perfectly as the grilled trout. Hands down, perfect texture
  • Lamb sausage - so simple, yet so frickin good. Ridiculously hearty 
  • Dessert - look, I'm not trying to get all NSFW but the warm chocolate tart and panna cotta were pretty sexual. Serious dirty thoughts in remembrance

baked mac and cheese, seriously heavenly
Sweet corn soup with ricotta and chili oil. Plus they do that fancy thing where its a bowl with just the stuff in the middle and they pour the soup around it. It doesn't take much, does it?
Fennel and arugula salad
Pork and duck pate. Those pickled peaches tasted so much like actual pickles it was trippin me out dude.
There she is. Grilled Carolina trout. Huge portion with a perfectly balanced mustard vinaigrette
Lamb sausage with tabbouleh
Panna cotta with berries and mint, perfect summer dessert

Thinking about this chocolate tart again is giving me hot flashes

Westend Bistro
1190 22nd Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20037
(202) 974-5566

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  1. the west end bistro is 1 of the best restaurant in washington d c the staff is phenomenal specially the hostess that works in the evening time she's moroccan and she speaks 5 languages she always makes us feel so welcome,,,,,