Friday, August 17, 2012

Don't Read This...Please

OK, so like I finally went to Mintwood Place after 9000 other food bloggers have made me drool tweeting about it. The thing is, it was so good I don't even want anyone to know about it.

We got there early and I honestly thought there was an Instragram filter - on my eyeballs. It was so adorably decorated, with no detail overlooked. The hook under the bar for my purse? An old bathroom faucet knob. Handmade-looking lighting fixtures, mason jars with flowers, antiquey mirrors, the whole deal. I imagined my group of friends, sitting in the corner by the window, chatting and laughing all night and I don't want you to take our spot with your friends that probably aren't as funny.

The bartender talked to us like we were old friends (in my mind, we are now), tough to find in Adams Morgan where most bar-goers want their drinks delivered to them in condiment squeeze bottles or want to beat the clock at happy hour. We got some "nibbles" at the bar and were shooting the shit 'til our whole party arrived for dinner. How long did we wait? 15 minutes? An hour? It didn't matter.
Maple pork cracklin with zesty dipping sauce
Pickled deviled eggs
And then of course there was the glorious, three-course, Restaurant Week meal. I don't even want to tell you how good it is or you'll take our spot on the outdoor patio too, you jerks.

The octopus salad was light, refreshing, and the octopus perfectly cooked. This portion was huge and a great deal for just being an appetizer course.
Octo close-up

mmmm, tentacles
My main course was a whole boneless American Seabream (never even heard of it, but just a basic white fish). Look at that thing! Super simple on the seasoning, accompanied by braised fennel, tomatoes and possibly the best olives ever.
No head attached for you scaredy cats. I missed the eyeballs cause I'm Asian and weird
Look, I like pasta, I just don't get impressed by it all that often. But this, the trofie bolognese, this was something pretty different. A little sweet with a bit of a kick and dreamily creamy. And seriously, look at that cheese.

This trofie was a lot tastier than my volleyball trophies. #seewhatIdidthere
  I have been craving a strawberry rhubarb dessert all summer. This, this, is what I was waiting for.

Strawberry rhubarb crumble. Hubba hubba

If I see you there you better not be in my seat, punk.

Mintwood Place
Somewhere in Adams Morgan, not telling

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