Friday, April 20, 2012

The Night I Was a Drunken Noodle

Sometimes you are what you eat. And sometimes, that means that a night that starts with you eating drunken noodles, ends with you walking like a drunken noodle to bed.

On one particular night, this sequence of events started at one of DC's newest Modern Asian additions, Zabb.

The new resto near Dupont is like cute and all but I knew it was fate when I saw the magical a-frame out front with the magic words - "$2 Singhas." Yes. Yes. Yes.

Not only did we drink about 100 each and make complete fools of ourselves, the staff was incredibly accomodating and the service was impeccable. And we were being LOUD.

After about 4 hours of noshing/drinking/singing songs from Saturday morning cartoons, we really ended up eating some delicious food.

I had the drunken noodles with tofu (so good I had to learn how to make them at home) and other highlights included the lobster ravioli and some super fun sushi rolls.

I wished I looked that good by the end of that night
I heard after dinner was fun too, just a little more... noodley.

Zabb Modern Asian
1836 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

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