Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cava Grill

So I must be on some Mediterranean kick because I obviously just wrote about mezze not too long ago. On the upside, the Mediterranean diet is supposed to be pretty healthy and swimsuit season ain't too long aways now kids!

So yes, I took a very quick liking to Cava and their delicious treats and was pretty excited that they were opening a location down the street from my office in Bethesda. Word on the streets (gangster Bethesda streets, mind you) spread that this was not just like Cava Mezze and that it was some sort of fast casual place. I was confused, but had to check it out.

UM, THIS IS LIKE A MEDITERRANEAN CHIPOTLE. @*&*%@#%$@$&! Must.brace.oneself.

So obviously I'm obsessed because Chipotle is amazing but this place, is actually really, really good. I got the rice bowl (no Asian derogatory remarks please) with lamb topped with harissa, crazy feta, tzatziki, cucumber tomato salad and cabbage salad. With tax, it came to $7.95 - amazeballs!

I'll definitely go with less harissa next time considering my face is on fire but it was so worth it. I mean I seriously JUST ate it and had to write about it this quickly. Go - now!

Cava Grill
4832 Bethesda Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814