Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fredneck: More Than Just MTO's

I grew up in Montgomery County; so Frederick for me, was always a place I knew little about, and what I did know stemmed from it's more frequently, eloquently used moniker: Fredneck. Visions came to mind of  farmers, plaid shirts worn with denim overalls, trucker hats, Friday nights spent cow tipping, etc. In other words, it was like Damascus, but worse.

It was never a place I considered a "food destination," and the most exciting meal I could recall was an MTO from Sheetz. (Hey, who doesn't want to order a sandwich from a touchscreen?! Touchscreens are fancy, just like Sheetz.) Sure, Fredneck Frederick had a cute little Old Town area, but no real pull, and definitely nothing that seemed appealing enough to overshadow aforementioned visions.

I had been hearing about Volt restaurant for some time now. A fresh, new restaurant right in charming little Old Town, which sounded pleasant enough but still had me weary of making the drive, especially as a now-resident of Northern Virginia. Then, like most reality television shows do, Top Chef opened my eyes. Could it be, that my favorite chef (as of the first episode, for the record), Bryan Voltaggio, was the chef of this new restaurant? Did I think he was, like, totally the hottest one?

Wait, this is about the food right? Right. Right?! Um, right....

Ok, so I had to go. By some miracle of God, I got a reservation, during Restaurant Week no less. This was destiny.

We went with the four course menu and it didn't disappoint.

I started with a potato and leek chowder, graced with the presence of a perfectly cooked scallop. Subtle flavors but rich all at the same time. Great start to the meal.

Then I went on to have the duck confit with cavatelli pasta. This was actually a bit salty for my taste but how can I say no to duck confit?! I like my calories with extra fat and needless to say, I still ate every bit of it.

My entree was by far the star of the meal, the striped sea bass with risotto. The bass was cooked to perfection, with the skin nice and crispy, while the risotto (otherwise known to us Asians as a poor excuse for rice) was a fine accompaniment and doused with a delicious sauce.

For my dessert, I chose a dish consisting of coconut meringue, pineapple and caramel ice cream. The micro cilantro was surprisingly good with it all and did not go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, I couldn't help but stare over at my companion's dessert, "Textures of Chocolate" with white chocolate ganache, chocolate caramel and raw organic cocoa (mmm, bitter, but tasty!). This was simply a work of art.
Not only was the food exceptional but they didn't skip out on any details here from the futuristic, shower stall-looking bathrooms (complete with sliding door entrance), the entire staff decked in Chucks, or the abstracty, contrasting-the-older-brownstone-exterior, decor in the dining room. Frederick is stepping up it's game and even has it's own Restaurant Week coming up March 8-14. Also, I gotta give it up to Chef Voltaggio for taking the time out to have us see the kitchen and make a foodie feel like a giggling teenager after one of the best meals I've had.

228 North Market Street
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 696-8658