Thursday, December 3, 2009

Faulty Logic

As I've mentioned before, grad school makes me crave sugar. Just the thought of writing a paper and I want to eat 5 Snickers bars. It's bad. What's even worse is that down the street from where I go to class is an Au Bon Pain (50% off pastries after 5 p.m.!). After a Thanksgiving break off from Dr. Won'tUseHerRealName's torture, I obviously needed to stock up on sweets beforehand.

I was feeling a bit guilty and well...fat. Then, there it was - a beacon in the night to save me from my self-loathing. Maoz Vegetarian. I had seen one in Philadelphia and knew they had falafel sandwiches but had cheesesteaks on my mind at the time. Surely a healthy vegetarian meal could negate my sugar binge, right?

Ok, so first off, the place is SMALL. There are three cafeteria-style tables but for whatever reason the benches aren't all as long as the tables. Am I supposed to be eating standing up? To go? Not really sure on this one, but had little time to ponder as I was completely distracted by the elaborate condiment bar in front of me. This had to be good.

I got the Maoz sandwich ($4.95) and waited... for 20 minutes. They said something about having to heat up the bread because they don't leave it out, but 20 minutes is a long time for semi-fast food. Nonetheless, the condiment bar saves the day again. The concept of unlimited sauces and veggie concoctions to adorn my pita was a little too irrestible.

The falafel was awesome - moist, good sized and not greasy. Even that damn bread was good. Next time I'm going for the Belgian fries too (regular or sweet potato). They also have other sandwiches and will soon have their juice bar.

The verdict: once I started eating, I totally forgot about the wait, how awkward I felt crammed in a cafeteria bench and was even late for class. Plus, it's cheap! I see this being a regular in the future and it'll justify my pastry pig outs. On the weekends, it's open til 3 a.m. so I might be hanging out at Rumors and Madhatter more often.

Maoz Vegetarian
1817 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

[Salad bar image via]